How To Start A YouTube Channel

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How To Make Killer Money Using Youtube 


Pimping Youtube for Fun and Profit

How to set up your channel

Learn to draft  your Content Marketing Strategy

Learn from my mistakes

Build a strong channel

Learn to make money passively and actively

Make YouTube work for you, not you working for YouTube


How would you like to have 24/7/365  of someone marketing your products and services?

In 2016 it can be done, very economically!

By using Youtube, which gets  BILLIONs of  views a day!

Everyone wants to make a full time living from online sources. The truth is very few people make a livable income strictly online. When one thinks of making money on Youtube the first thing that comes to mind is Adsense.

If you have a real feel for making money online, you already know that Adsense is one of the most ineffective ways to make money using Youtube! I see so many people crying about how hard it is to make money with Adsense!

There is a reason it is hard, because, for most, it is not the way to go!

Wake up and smell the failure! Adsense only works if you can get 75K to 100K in views on your channel per month, even at that level we are talking $300-$900 dollars, more so on the lower end.

If you want to make money with Youtube, you need to raise your game and think bigger and bolder! I have made money using Youtube since 2009, this book is written by someone that is making money from Youtube as we speak!

In this course, I am going to give you new ways to make money and broader purpose.

Video is the best way to market your product or service on the planet. In the last five years, I produced over 1200 videos ( 1500 if you include the ones I deleted) in that sandbox there was much trial and error. I truly feel this year I am breaking the surface.

Youtube is eight years old and still in the beginning stages of what it will become! 

 Jump on the ride now and cash in!

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How To Start A YouTube Channel

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