Build The Tribe Lead The Tribe -Creating Your Economy -Audio Book 1

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There is money to be made by building your tribe.

I am proof of that. I grew up poor and had several personal setbacks as an adult that landed me in a boarding house at one low point in my life.

I built a tribe and I recovered financially. This book provides crucial details about how to build a tribe.

This book explains:

• How to use your personal philosophy to build your tribe

• The seven stages of tribe building

• How to develop your personal philosophy

• Ways to test your ideas for tribe-building

• Why the size of the tribe is not as important as the commitment and loyalty of the tribe

• How to develop the tribe’s mission

• The role of clarity in building a tribe

• How and why authority development is crucial

• How to develop authority

• Why getting your message out there is key for success

• Why tribe-building takes time

• Realistic goal setting

• Why changes in message chase tribe members away

The power of tribes is obvious. Influence can easily be turned into income from books, seminars and consulting services.

Some of the best-known names who have cashed in on tribe-building are:

 Tom Leykis

 Tony Robbins

 Clark Howard

 Suze Orman

 Deepak Chopra

 Wayne Dyer

Tribes are recognizable by:

• Lingo

• Culture

• Beliefs

• Values

A tribe is a loyal fan base. You can take them with you wherever you go.

Buy this book today and build your tribe.

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Build The Tribe Lead The Tribe -Creating Your Economy -Audio Book 1

2 ratings
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